Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mills and boons romance types.

I should, 4 know stop reading these mills and boons type of books. I should stop believing in love at first sight and meeting a guy and knowing that i want to spend the rest of my life with him. Maybe its the stories we used to read when we were young, the beautiful cinderalla who became a princess or sleeping beauty who was woken by a kiss from a handsome prince. Does it get better then kissing a frog who turns into a handsome prince( i wouldnt kiss a frog for all the money in the world). These fairy tales brought us up thinking of a man who would do anything to find his one true love. Yes fine i got my heart broken as well as broken a few hearts but i still believe in love. Maybe its the mindset i got from reading those stories or the real life examples like my grandparents that ive seen. Its true read love aint easy to find nowadays but i believe that the man thats meant for me is there. And maybe thats why i watch soaps because even though the main characters fall in love, break up and face difficulties getting back together against all odds they do in the end. Maybe thats why i read the mills and boons types because i hope there will be a good ending to my story, i hope. So no, i aint giving them up yet though i know i should.

Monday, September 21, 2009

The art of understanding yourself

I found the book in my drawer,
Title: the art of understanding yourself.
I wanted to laugh because I wondered when I gave up on it,
On understanding myself.
I buried my dreams in a grave six foot deep,
Covered it with soil, wire and cement so that no one could dig them up.
I don’t know when I stopped chasing my dreams,
Settled for harsh reality, a cruel taskmaster.
My dreams faded and died.
I thought I buried them alone
But along the way, I realized I buried my spirit and courage
To transform the world and myself.
I lost my spirit of boldness and courage, my light.
Surrendered to the dark,
To the disappointment and bitterness that ate at my heart,
Leaving at its center a broken soul that could not mend itself.
I stand at my dreams tombstone and wonder,
Do I have the courage to dig up those rotting dreams from the ground?
To resuscitate my courage and rise from the dead like Lazarus,
Or will I walk on the earth, a zombie, breathing but not living.
A shadow of what I used to be and wanted to be.
I look at the shovel, “the art of understanding yourself”
Wondering, do I have the courage to dig
And discover what lies beneath the grave?

Thursday, September 17, 2009


She drives you crazy.
You can’t stop thinking about her,
She is permanently etched in your mind's eye.
There is something about her,
That grips you,
Makes you want to do crazy things,
Like say I love you,
Let me be the one that you go home to.
She makes you want to commit,
To say bye to bachelorhood.

What is it about her that holds you like iron bars,
Is it her soft lips that smile seductively?
Or her laughing eyes that one minute are knowing,
Then when she sees you looking turn shy,
Is it her face, ordinary yet beautiful,
Or her African figure,
Her swaying full hips.
Or those legs that you cant take your eyes off
When she deems it necessary to wear a skirt.

She is a contradiction.
Sometimes she is so shy with you,
Blushing when you tell her she's beautiful
And that you love her.
Yet sometimes she challenges you head on,
Asks for the respect that is due to her,
No, today she's not taking your bullshit.

The most amazing thing about her,
Is that she is so down to earth,
When you need her she's there,
And she would never betray you,
Because you mean the world to her.
You are her Romeo and she is your Juliet.
And she really means it when she says I love you.
Sometimes she may want to strangle you
Or tell you to jump off a bridge because you annoy her.
But she knows that in the end,
She's in it for better or worse because in the end
You’re the man she loves
And you’re her heart.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I was secure in my world,
Knowing that my world revolved around me.
I was the queen of all I surveyed.
Minding my own business because if I didn’t who would mind it for me.
Only to discover a coup was going on,
While I was daydreaming and skipping happily
In my dreams and fantasizes about how things would be in future.
I was displaced,
My world spun on its axis,
And instead of finding myself on the same spot,
I had been displanted,
Like being in the Equator only to find yourself in the North Pole,
It’s strange,
You always believe your world revokes around you
But what if you’re only human
And your world has been evaded by some aliens,
Intent only on destruction.
Destroying what you believe in,
Changing your life in ways that you can’t imagine.
They want to take over your world,
And make you a slave.
What do you do, do you fight,
Or do you run, run until the end of the earth
Looking for salvation
Or will the answer come in time
From the heavens?
Hello, is there another human out there?
Because am sending SOS!


I felt a stirring inside of me
That with time has grown.
I feel restless, poised
But for what
Don’t know where I’m at.
Just living day to day
Waiting for the sun to come out.
Growing older, even my body betrays me
Yet don’t know what I want.
Ambition beckons me to step on the first lane
But my body calls me to nurture.
I am so tired of fighting
My brain against my body
Restless, always wanting more
Will I ever find contentment?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tom and Jerry politics

Mr politician,
I wonder...
When you were a child did you ever watch cartoons?
Because from what I see you behave like one.
Your like Tom from the Tom and Jerry cartoon.
The big fat cat trying to make life difficult for the little mice like Jerry.

Mr Politician,
You sit in your big expensive house with your many servants,
Drive your big expensive car fueled with taxpayers dollars,
Even get an entertainment allowance which u spend on questionable "entertainments."
While I, the loyal citizen pay exorbitant taxes to support your bad habits.
I have no food to eat, leave alone a big fridge like yours.
My children go to government schools,
Where for every one teacher there are sixty pupils,
While yours learn in luxury with computers and state of the art equipment.

Mr Politician,
Everytime I try to rise up economically, you bring my business down,
So that I may not complete with your multi-million business.
When I fight for my rights, you have me arrested and locked up.
Everything I try to improve my life and that of my children, you destroy.

Your so selfish Mr politician.
You only care about money and power.
Mr politician, I wish you do watch your cartoons,
Because I may be small like Jerry and your big like Tom,
but in the end I will bring you down.
No matter how many tricks you try in the end,
I will triumph because there are so many of me
And so few of you.
When the credits roll don't you know
That Jerry always outsmarts and outmaneuvers Tom.

Black widow spider

She is spinning her web,
invisible threads that bind you to her,
laying her traps to catch you but you cant see!
Think your so clever,
Your so focused on her,
Trying to evade her obvious moves that you cant see the invisible threads
intertwinned with the black visible ones she is spinning.
Think your so wise
keeping off the well light black threads she is casting towards you
yet she watches,
manipulates as you walk on the invisible threads.
sticky sticky threads.
You start to realise that somethings not quite right
but its too late
your stuck and as you struggle
the threads tighten.
You realise the game is up,
her seductive smiles says it all.
shes got you in her grasp,
theres no escape,
have to surrender to your fate.
shes got you! got you good!
Black widow spider.