Friday, February 25, 2011



A special guy, made me smile and my heart sing

I fell into a consuming love that made me long for his touch

Now time has gone, seasons changed

But still I have held on this emotion

Till it has consumed my heart

I have been cocooned in a web of my own making

Trapped in a love that does not fulfil me

Expectations not meet, longing for something

That he could not give me

Now like a caterpillar in a cocoon, I awaken

And break open from the ties that bind me

I emerge, unsure of this new feeling

I feel so free, like I can fly

And I do, I soar

I can smell and taste the roses again

I will never forget you

Part of me will forever love you

But I think I have outgrown the dream

Of you and me

A new world awaits me

A dance or two or butterflies

Goodbye, sweet guy

You will always be honey to me

But I can survive on nector

Goodbye, my sweet

Gone but not forgotten,

I fly soaring among the butterflies.

Glass shattering hurt

I gave you the glass ball that was my heart.
First you cherished it,
Later you were indifferent,
Was that why you were careless?
Dropping the ball, shattering my delicate heart!
You went away, left me in pieces.
I hurt, crying for so long because you broke me.
It took me years to glue the pieces together,
Getting scarred with pain
As sharp pieces of your betrayal cut into me.
Now you've back.
'Trust me. I will not let you down again' you say.
Trust, a fragile thing like
My pieced together, glass heart.
My mind says NO!
My heart is in no condition to speak
But it beats louder when you are near.
Is that why I hesitate to keep it safe?

raylitpoems 2003

Call me love tonic

I wait in anticipation
For you to call.
My heart races, paces to an invisible dance song.
I can hear your smile, when you speak.
I want to hear your voice again,
To wrap it around me,
Surround me with your love,
Play it back in my head, hug it
When I think of you.
I draw so much from your voice.
It sends warm tingling fingers down my spine
When I recall our conversations of love.
Your voice brings with it,
A promise of your love, whisperings of sweet nothing,
Warmth in my heart, a wonderful beautiful feeling.
Call me my love.
Sing me a lovesong; speak poetry that makes me melt.
Just call and say hallo.

raylitpoems 2001

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Your kiss is like chocolate, sweet and flavored.
The taste of it is subliminal making me want to melt
Like the chocolate that melts on my tongue.
Our kiss is like the game one plays with chocolate,
A nibble here, some savoring there.
Then there's the texture of the kiss, it’s like different kinds of chocolate.
The lips are smooth like dairy milk, soft and sweet,
Leaving one aching for more.
The tongue kiss is like fruit and nuts,
Different flavors mingling into one.
But one kiss like chocolate is not enough,
You got to have another taste.
There is nothing like the anticipation of opening that chocolate,
Savoring that sweet desert it’s like lips that beg to be opened and kissed.
So as I savour this chocolate that devastates my senses
I think of you and your kiss.
Temptation calls to savor your tingling, sweet kisses.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


I have let you down,
You were my first love,
Yet I run away from you.
I cheated on you, yes I did.
The alcohol, the partying,
The crowd, they made me feel invincible.
I wanted something I can’t explain
But the more I looked for it,
The more lost I felt.
Now I come back repentant to you,
Asking for forgiveness.
I know I have messed,
Broken your heart,
I know I don’t deserve your love,
But you love me anyway.
Give me a second chance,
To prove that I am worthy.
Because in the end you are my love,
The first and the last,
The Alpha and the Omega,
Jesus Christ.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

For the ladies - celebrating you.

Ladies raise your glasses,
I give a toast to you.
You’re beautiful, intelligent, kind, and helpful.
Lift up your head,
I know things have been hard,
Life has tried to break you,
And even when it didn’t you were left with scars,
So deep, sometimes it feels like a volcano is shallow,
Compared to the wounds you have inside.
You have fallen and can’t lift your head up high.
Self respect, self esteem and self love,
You aint got it no more.
But you know what you’re beautiful.
Your a caterpillar that doesn’t know that it needs to become a butterfly.
Don’t look at your circumstances or your past,
It will only hurt you.
Celebrate you, your still alive, and breathing.
Your past doesn’t have to be your future.
Realize that you are so much more then just what you see or feel.
Give birth to expectation, exploration.
Dare to dream, to risk for a new future.
Let’s raise a toast that though we have been broken,
We are not unrepairable.
Like a pot that’s broken, we can be broken,
Turned to dust, but we can be made again,
Into a beautiful vessel,
More beautiful then the original design.
So let’s raise a toast to you and me,
Because we are not done,
Our story is not finished,
We will rise again from the ashes,
Like the phoenix.
Let’s raise a toast to you, to me.
To all the ladies in the world.

Friday, February 18, 2011

love burning

He makes her feel so special,
Yet he doesnt know,
How he transformed her from a caterpillar to a butterfly.
He doesnt know the smile that the thoughts of him bring to her,
How thinking of him can change her mood, attitude and day.
He loves her yet he doesn't quite understand her,
understand the deepness of what she feels about him.
No poem can say it,
No song can sing it,
The depth and width of her love cant be expressed in words,
It can only be seen, felt and experienced.
She loves him, that there's no doubt
And as the winds turn, the sun shines,
The seasons change,
Yet her love is constant and keeps burning
Like the sun, giving light to his day.