Friday, November 25, 2011

Keep moving!

You have to keep moving.
Don’t stop!
Life will always try to break you,
It’s a cruel master,
With a whip and chains,
Wanting to crush you!
Keep the hope alive,
And hug your dreams,
Don’t let go,
Because you may fall and not get up.
Keep dreaming,
And hoping, keep the dreams alive.
Keep moving, one step, two steps,
Even if you falter,
Or make mistakes and fall back,
Get back up.
Keep your eyes on the finish line,
It’s not the end,
As long as you keep moving,
And dreaming and hoping,
Walking towards your dreams.
Sometimes it may seem like others have run,
And you are have been left behind,
But be focused,
Our pace is not the same,
Our talents, gifts, education,resilience
And opportunities are not the same.
Just keep moving.
One day you will find that you are there.
Just keep moving.
Keep praying, dreaming, hoping,
Having faith in you and in God.
Just keep moving.

raylitpoems 2011

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Baring my skeletons

I love you and hate you at the same time. A paradox that only some with broken or hurting hearts can understand.

I loved the way you made me feel yet hate how I feel now. My heart loves you and my mind despises you. I stand on an invisible boundary, like that timeline that separates yesterday and today. I loved you with so many yesterdays and pledged to you many today’s. Yet today I don’t want to hear your promises and my tomorrows I have erased you.

My feelings for you are like ying yang in balance though there are days when I swing to the extreme of one. But you know most days I don’t regret what we had, for it taught me how to love. Some days my regrets are like the sand, too many to count. But today am neutral, just venting with no grand emotion in my heart. Just baring my skeletons before I return them to my closet, shut them in tight.

The proverbs woman (soul beautiful)

She is beautiful, soul beautiful.
There's something about her heart,
That shines through to her face and makes her glow.
She has a heart of gold,
And she is kind and generous.
Her laugh is like music,
It soothes the heart and makes it glad.
She is a godly woman,
Working to live the life that her heavenly father wants for her.
She's not an angel,
She does wrong many times,
But she has a repentant heart.
She doesn’t believe in spreading her love to many men:
Just because it’s the fashion;
Or lifestyle of the moment;
Or she needs the money.
She respects herself and her body because her body is God's temple.
She's not a cheap thrill,
But she’s a heavenly one,
That comes with an expensive price of a wedding ring
She's worth it.
Because she's a proverbs woman.
A woman of wisdom, courage and virtue.
A righteous woman.
A woman a wise man would seek,
Because she's more precious than gold or rubies.

Dedicated to all the women striving to always be a proverbs woman. May God's grace help you to live the exciting life he has planned for you. May he give you a soul mate who recognizes a pearl and is ready to work to keep you by his side. You are beautiful. I celebrate you!

Raylitpoems 2011.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bubblegum Love!

Our relationship was like chewing gum.
At the beginning it was so sweet
And our love was full of flavor.
It was delicious, I couldn’t get enough.
Time passed,
The flavor diminished
But it was still fun,
We could still blow bubbles and enjoy it.
But like all gum stories,
One day our love got stale.
No flavor to it.
Now like gum our love is consigned to the dustbin of life.
I have to move on,
Look for a love that’s sweet and has flavor.

Raylitpoems 2011

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Glass shattering hurt

I gave you the glass ball that was my heart.
First you cherished it,
Later you were indifferent,
Was that why you were careless?
Dropping the ball, shattering my delicate heart!
You went away, left me in pieces.
I hurt, crying for so long because you broke me.
It took me years to glue the pieces together,
Getting scarred with pain
As sharp pieces of your betrayal cut into me.
Now you've back.
'Trust me. I will not let you down again' you say.
Trust, a fragile thing like
My pieced together, glass heart.
My mind says NO!
My heart is in no condition to speak
But it beats louder when you are near.
Is that why I hesitate to keep it safe?

One of my favorite poems. Posted it a long time ago but love goes round in cycles so here we are again.

raylitpoems 2003

Trafficked! (stop Human trafficking)





Monday, November 21, 2011

Mr. politician

With your sweet words,
That try to seduce me,
To give you my heart,
And ultimately my vote.

With your intellectual talk,
Trying to make me see that we are together,
We are both in the struggle,
Only that we do it from different sides of the divide.

With your false promises,
About how much you love me,
And given a chance you will watch out for me,
You’re like a husband or father,
All I need to do is put my life and vote in your hands.

With your smile,
That doesn’t reach your eyes,
And that hand hidden behind your back,
Ready to sign that bill,
To fatten an already obese wallet.

With my two bob of common sense,
Smirk at you behind your back.
I see through you.
Your sweet words and promises,
An illusion, a trick.
I with my pen,
Have the power,
And next election I will write you a poem,
In the ballot box,
Very short and sweet,
My answer is No.

She dreams

She dreams,
Of his face.
Running her fingers around the contours of his face,
Feeling his skin beneath her fingertips,
Touching his lips so luscious, so inviting.
The feeling of want,
Comes unbidden in the night.
It’s so strong.
She wants him!
Wants to feel his body next to hers,
Locked in a silent embrace.
What she longs for, yearns for,
Is for his kiss
For him to make her his.
here she is,
Lying on her cold bed,
Cuddling her teddy hot water bottle,
Her thoughts millions of miles away,
Thinking of how his kiss could be.
The pleasure of being next to him.
So she dreams and dreams,
Of sweet kisses,
By the moonlight.
Sweet dreams.

Raylitpoems 2005

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Make me famous (A prayer to God. Vain but righteous at the same time)

Dear God.
Make me a superstar writer. I want to speak of your fame to the entire world. Write poetry that revolutionizes the world, makes love the focus and puts you on the throne. I want to tell the world that you are real and your love is a sure thing.

I want to write stories that show your goodness and that you are a rock in times of trouble and turmoil. I want to talk about you and how your love changes people. I can’t explain it but I hope I live it, this faith in me that burns bright even when the situations of life try to dim it or extinguish it.

I want to tell the story of the man who loved me so much he died for me on the cross. The God that helps me overcome the situations. Make me influential God so that I may tell of your love & show them that you’re real. Make me famous.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


You are a Queen,
Made in God's design to be beautiful, talented and intelligent.
When he made you he sighed because he loved you at first glance,
As fathers do love their daughters.
As every father does he wants the best man for you.
A man who makes you smile and laugh,
Wipes away your tears.
A man who knows that to love and protect you is to protect himself and his future.
He knows that your the Queen his most strategic piece,
Your not a pawn to be sacrificed easily.
Life is a game of chess and he needs you to stay alive.
Don't sacrifice yourself for a man who doesn't see your potential and value.
Wait for the man who sees you as a Queen and treats you as one.
Be the Queen you are,
Ask for what you deserve, love, friendship, respect, loyalty and honour.
Be the Queen you were meant to be.
Don't settle for less, because your royalty.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Jesus said "I am the way, the truth and the life."
He lives in me, he is my way.
His truth is my path,
He gave me this life I live.
I am who GOD says I am.
He says great things & has great dreams,
That I may open my heart & mind to the reality that I was born to shine.
Jesus loved me so much he spread his arms & died,
Now he lives in my heart,
until the day my soul shall fly, and live at his side.
Though I stumble, many times I have fallen,
I look up to the cross because it is my salvation.
Jesus is my redemption,
God's choice for my salvation,
My savior from death he restores me to life.
He changes me daily, am a masterpiece in progress,
He transforms my mind, and inspires me to greater heights.
He is the Spirit in me, that guides me,
That makes me breath and live a full life.
Everyday I am humbled, in this struggle,
That he knows me and loves me.
This is my affirmation that I am his,
He is my savior and my God.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Believe in love

I still believe in love.
That joy can come after sorrow,
You can stop hugging the pain, let it fly away.
I believe you can love as a caterpillar,
It may be nice, but it’s limited.
Sometimes heartbreak is a cocoon, from which one emerges a butterfly,
More beautiful and able to soar.
Love is a fire, sometimes a weak fire must die,
Because it’s more smoke then burning embers.
Let go of the pain, and love yourself again.
Let the fire burn from inside out.
Let the love that you feel for yourself be a beacon, for true love.
A love that’s worth its weight in Gold.
I believe love will come around,
Clear the path of negative emotion,
Greet it like a VIP with flowers, music and dance.
Believe in love and prepare your heart for its visit.


Madness flickers,
I can see it from the corner of my mind.
Mad thoughts, crazed run across my mind.
My personalities have a tea party in my mind, a mad hatter party!
Should we invite Alice,
Or is she running away from the Queen's men who want to off her head?
I am like a masked man,
No one sees who I really am,
I change personalities like music lovers change radio stations,
Come lets dance to the music in our heads.
Listen that’s my favorite song, It’s a lament like bohemian rhapsody.
Mama I think I am going under,
I think I did something but I can’t remember what it is or who did it.
Shh someone's coming, its time to put away the face of madness,
Put the fake mask on, the mask that hides the madness.
Madness goes and hides,
Normal peeks out of the mask.
Later if you dare,
Come let’s play a game of mad charades!


Beautiful day shine in my heart.
Let me be glad, wipe away the tears.
It's time to close the notebooks on sadness,
Open the library of gladness.
No looking back,
Turning back is what makes one turn into a pillar of salt.
It's time to taste the sweetness of life,
Leave the sour and bitter behind,
Its time to be better.
I want to write my joy in the skies like a rainbow,
Because the storm clouds are clearing.
Beautiful day come shine in my heart,
Make me smile.

Naked Face

The poet shows a naked face,
With naked pain and naked tears.
The naked truth's out there in words that sometimes rhyme,
Or sometimes dance a jig or two.
The poet shows you the faces (phrases) of happiness,
When love is strong and magical or life is good.
Sometimes the poet is two faced,
Playing games of charade,
As they portray one face,
Hiding another behind a mask.
Poetry opens a window into the soul,
Into the vortex that is emotional truth.
In the end the poets show you episodes of their lives,
In prose, poems and spoken word.
Come, look see my naked truth in my naked words.

Raylitpoems 2011

Friday, November 4, 2011

Dreams the final frontier. These are the voyages of the struggling indvidual

Trying to stand.
Juggle balls, trying not to drop them.
The balls:
Work, school, God, relationships, dreams, family, health and career.
Balls are raw eggs,
If they fall the damage is massive,
Hard to get back up when egg's all over your face.
My story or is it yours?
Because this is life the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the person struggling to make it,
Can’t even fake it though we do put on a great show!
Our ongoing mission to survive the struggles of this world.
To seek out opportunities for a new life and new experiences.
To boldly go where no one thought we would go.
These are the voyages of a dreamer,
Whose dreams seem so far out in space!
But like the Starship Enterprise,
We vow to go places no ones gone before.
So don’t count me out, don’t count us out.
We have faith, hope, tenacity and love for our dreams.
Pregnant with expectation,
Knowing one day we will give birth to the baby that is our dreams.

This is my story, your story, their story.
Don’t count me out until the final bell rings.
The voyage continues.
Dreams the final frontier.

PS. I love Star Trek and its mission. Here it is:

“Space the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship enterprise.
Their ongoing mission is to explore strange new worlds.
To seek out new life forms and new civilizations.
To boldly go where no one has gone before.”

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Spiritual breakdown

My heart's down, missing beats, showing zero on the monitor,
flatlined. I wanna smile like Kirk Franklin says but my heart's not in
it. I feel empty, like the spot where God your supposed to be in is
empty, like you packed went away leaving me blue. I know its just a
feeling because you told me that you'll never me, never forsake me. I
know your love is true and so's your word. Right now I feel like my
spirituality is bleeding out of my heart, I cant seem to see the light
in me, darkness seems to surround me, infusing me with its negativity.
You said that you'd be the calm in the storm and right now things are
as turbulent as they can get. Am down to the ground, bleeding out the
essense of you in me. I need you to be my healer, my doctor. I need a
heart checked, then get heart medicine. Bring my heart back into life.
Flow in me and through me. Make my heart beat for you again.