Friday, August 26, 2011


Got that feeling. Brain is wired and high on life. Want to have fun, get your groove on. Got an agenda, got to dance the night away, shake what your mama gave you. Its time to let loose, show your moves. Whether you feel naughty or nice is up to you. Flirt it up, raise the tempterature in the room. Its a friday and the mood is good. What you going to do? Friday's beckoning, its up to you.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The things I miss

I miss: calling you baby; having that smile that only you could get out of me; writing you poetry; the crazy, sexy me I would only be with you; the late night phone calls and the teasing smses, taking pictures and sending them to you to make your day;the way you used to make me blush; seeing you light up when you smile; the way I used to feel about you; the highness of being in love. I miss what we were and can never be again.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The knight princess part 1.

In a kingdom far away near the red sea was a kingdom called Macesa Kingdom. In this kingdom was a great king and queen who were very good rulers. They had a little princess who was named Lila. She was the apple of her parents’ eyes.

When Lila was about 8 years old the queen got sick and died. The whole kingdom went into mourning. The king and Lila were heartbroken. The king stopped spending so much time with Lila in his grief. Lila was given into the care of a nanny called Mary. Mary was a Christian woman who had no children and who loved and treated Lila as her own. She taught Lila all about God and taught Lila to live like a Christian.

Lila had a friend called Gabe who was two years older then her. He was the son of a Lord of the kingdom. He was being groomed to become a knight. They used to pay together and they discovered many secret passageways in the castle. They also found a small undiscovered gate at the far end of the castle. They would go out of this gate and go play near the forest that was nearby. Lila wanted to learn how to fight so Gabe would teach her how to swordfight.

When Lila was twelve years old the King married again. When traveling to another kingdom he had met a very beautiful, cunning lady called Mabel in waiting of the queen of that kingdom. She had impressed him and used her charms to enslave him. The king decided he could not live without her so he brought her and her son Brian to Macesa. He married her and installed her as his queen.

Mabel was an idol worshipper. She brought idols into the kingdom and ordered the people to worship her gods. She had enslaved the king with charms so he was unable to say no to anything she said. Lila, her nanny, Gabe and other practicing Christians had to worship in secret because Mabel said that she would not tolerate anyone worshipping any other gods apart from hers.

Brian was a very cruel boy. He was older then Lila by 3 years. He liked to play cruel pranks on people. He also liked to catch animals and torture them. He was a very bad boy but because his mother was queen no one could touch him lest they end up in the dungeons.

The only soft spot in Brian was that when he met Lila he fell in love with her. He was always trying to impress her and make her like him. But Lila didn’t because he was very cruel. When Brian found out that Gabe was Lila’s best friend he was jealous. He told his mother to send Gabe away so that Lila could not see him anymore. Gabe was sent to finish his knight training in another kingdom far away.

When Lila was 15 the King died. The traditions said that a prince or princess would ascend the throne when they were 18. In the meantime the council of Lords would run the kingdom and advice the prince or princess. Since Mabel was still the Queen she would be allowed to run the kingdom until Lila turned 18. Mabel had already been working behind the scenes to corrupt the Lords in the council. They would all do her bidding. The two or three lords who were against her were killed in “accidents” and replaced by others who would do the queen’s bidding.

2 years later.

The kingdom had gone dark. The queen and her son had turned the kingdom around and made it a very bad place to live. The palace was filled with mercenaries who the queen had hired. The queen was practicing black magic and there was an air of evil around the kingdom. Brian had appointed himself as the reining prince.

Brian and his mother had concocted a scheme to keep the throne. They were going to force Lila to marry Brian so that the throne would legitimately be theirs. Lila would be turning 18 years in a few months. They had told Lila and Lila refused. The queen put Lila under house arrest with some mercenaries to guard her door so that she could not escape.

One day they were talking. Brian said to his mother “what are we going to do about Lila? She is refusing to marry me.

The Queen said, “Don’t worry my son. We will convince her by all means. She will have to marry you. You have to marry her. We need to keep control of this kingdom.

Brian said, “what if she refuses. Mother I want to marry her. Can you put a spell on her like you put a spell on her father? She has to be my queen”

The queen said, “I have been making spells. But they don’t seem to work. I don’t know what charms she is using to protect herself. Don’t worry we will use force if we have to.”

Then she added, “I know that you love her and want her as your wife but no one will mess with my plans. In the end if she refuses I will have to kill her!”

to be continued .............

Standing by me

When I needed a smile,
You were there to make me laugh.
You filled my heart with joy and laughter,
When all I wanted to do was run, hide and cry.
When it was all too much,
When my spirit broke,
When depression had me in a deadlock,
You held me in your arms and whispered
"You will make it. Stand up and shine.
Let go and let me help you stand."
You have stood by me even when I have made bad decisions,
Even those that broke your heart.
Yet you loved me still,
You still believed in me.
Your love is brighter then the sun,
More constant then the seasons.
You are the one that I will always love,
Always cherish, always respect.
You are my rock and my salvation.

For God and my mother whose love can’t be explained in words, only my heart knows the tales it can tell.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tales that the heart can't tell.

My heart can’t speak what I know,
Because it’s a tale of woe.
Of promises made and covenants broken,
Of love that made one soar like an eagle
And hurt that broke a heart into splinters.
A tale of passion, romance, and sacrifice.
A tale of uncertain future based on shaky foundations.
This story isn’t new,
It’s as old as time.
A story of love gone bad,
From romance to closure.
A tale that started in laughter and ended in tears.
This story of you and I.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Cloudy celebration!

The McCloud family are celebrating. Mr. Sun is sick today so they get to play. Mr. Sun is so boring, he likes to shine and smile all the time, he doesnt like it to get dull and grey. Now the cloud family can have a ball, it feels good to pour water on those busy people down there, oh see them scatter, such fun to be had. See the flowers grow, a riot of colour, the McCloud family love to see things grow especially flowers. Its so much fun to be up in the sky, with no Mr. Sun to make things too hot, now the clouds can become puffy and full, feed on moisture and do what they love to do. To pour rain on the earth and make the sky dull and grey. Oh dear! I hope Mr. Sun will feel better soon and come back to stop the mischievous clouds from making the day cold and grey.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mr. Sun is sick in bed today

It's cold out today.
Mr. Sun is in bed, he has a cold today.
Yesterday he played among the rain clouds,
They were cold and wet.
Mr. Sun had not worn a coat,
So he got a chill and he's sick.
Mr. Sun wouldnt come out today,
He's spending the day in bed,
Drinking some hot chocolate to make him better
And catching up on his comic books.
Mr. Sun laughs to play and shine,
He's a great star you know.
But today he's very dull,
His cold has taken away his shine.
Get better Mr. Sun.
Rest and get your energy back,
You will live to shine another day.,
Then you can chase those wet clouds away,
So that we can enjoy a hot summer's day.
Get well Mr. Sun,
We miss you and are praying for you.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Shhh bedtales

He knows how to hold me,
Cuddle me up and keep me warm.
He loves my shape,
doesnt think am to heavy.
He has seen me with all my clothes off
But doesn't judge when I've added weight.
He loves to carry me.
He can keep a secret,
Because I sometimes say mine aloud to him.
We watch movies together,
But sometimes I seat on his lap and read.
He knows how to hold me through the night,
Am so comfortable when am with him,
I can sleep to my heart's content.
He has been there when am happy,
but he's also been there when I'm had a broken heart
Or had sorrow visit me.
He is a constant in my life
And I love seeing him everytime I go home.
I love him, my bed.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Christian fairytales 2 - the prince and the maiden

There was once a kingdom run by a very handsome, rich, but arrogant prince called Alan. His father was very sick and so he could not run the kingdom. Women all over the kingdom would dream about being his princess. They all swooned when they saw him. Women were always trying to catch his attention. Every night he had a pick of women to share his bed as the women tried all sorts of things to make him love them.

There was a forest far the castle that had a meadow. In the meadow there was a cottage where a pretty maiden named May lived. She made butter and cheese which was the best quality in the kingdom. Her butter and cheese was sought after by everybody with people traveling miles to come buy her produce.

One day Alan was riding to a neighboring kingdom passing through the forest with his knights when his horse threw a shoe. While he waited for the shoe to be shown he asked for food. His party had not carried food because it was only a short ride so he ordered some of them to go look for food in the forest.

The knights went into the forest and while searching for fruits and game to cook they discovered the cottage. They knocked and when May opened the door they asked for food and water. May gave them some bread with cheese and butter. The knights thanked her and took the fare to the prince.

Alan was hungry and when he ate the food he declared he had never eaten anything so delicious. He gave the knights money to go buy all the cheese and butter that May had. When he went to the neighboring kingdom he gave out the cheese and butter to the king as a gift. The king loved the fare so much he gave Alan a small chest of gold.

The prince went back to his kingdom a very happy man. The next day he was feeling hungry so he asked a knight to go buy more cheese and butter. May told him that she had sold all the butter and cheese the day before. Alan would have to wait until she had gotten more milk to make it. She only had one cow so it took time to get enough milk to make the cheese and butter.

When the prince got the message he sent his knights to take five other cows as a gift to May. May was very happy. She prayed to God and thanked him for her blessings. She also said a blessing for the prince. With the added cows she was able to make more butter and cheese. The entire consignment she sold to the palace.

The prince loved to eat this butter and cheese with bread. Every day he ate some. When visitors came to the kingdom they would fall in love with the butter and cheese and ask to carry some.

One day Alan was thinking about how May’s talents for churning have been good for him. He decided that he should bring her to the palace to be his companion. He asked the knights to give her the news and bring her to the palace. She told them she wasn’t interested in being the mistress of the prince.

Alan was mad. He knew he was a catch and he could not accept that a simple maiden would refuse his advances. He started sending her flowers, and gifts to woo her. She sent all the gifts back. He got more and angrier when she spurned his advances.

The prince ordered his knights to go to the cottage and bring May to the castle by force. When she was brought before him he asked “why are you refusing to be my companion? Do you know what an honor that it is to become my mistress?”

“Your highness I am a Christian woman. I don’t believe in having sex before marriage. I don’t care if you are a prince. God would not be happy with me for doing such a thing. It is a sin. I will not do it. I would rather die or go to prison!” May said.

Alan was furious. “Which God is this? There is no authority in this kingdom above me and my father. You are playing with fire.”

He called the guards and told them to put May in the dungeon until she changed her mind. He called his magician and asked him to tell him about this God that May worshipped. His magician told him that this God had a book that people read. He asked for one and The Bible was brought to him. He thought it didn’t look that interesting so he dumped it next to his bed.

One night when he couldn’t sleep he saw the book and started reading it. He found it so interesting that he read it throughout the night. He called his magicians in the morning and asked them to explain the book to him. They couldn’t explain the meanings of some of the stories.

He asked for May to be brought to him. He told her to explain the stories in the book to him. She explained them to him. He was so happy that now he understood what the book was about. He pardoned May and let her go home.

Six months later the Prince became a Christian after reading the Bible. He had changed his life and was now living a godly life. He became a better prince and stopped being so arrogant. Everybody in the kingdom was happy.

Alan loved being a Christian. He felt better about his life. But something was missing. He felt lonely because he had no one to talk to about God. His knights and subjects still worshipped their false gods and he could not force them to become Christians. One day he had an idea. He would go to May.

He rode out with two of his knights to May’s cottage in the forest. May was outside pounding milk into butter. She looked so beautiful working. The prince approached May. He wasn’t sure he would be welcome. May smiled at him when she saw him.

“May, would you please forgive me? I am sorry for what I did. Can we be friends?” the prince said.

May told him “I forgive you. Jesus said we should forgive seventy times seven times.”

Alan asked May to explain to him things that he did not understand. Once a week he would come to her home to learn more about the Bible. He always came with a knight or two so that he would protect her reputation.


The king died. The prince became the King. He decreed that now that he was the king the Kingdom would be a Christian Kingdom. He realized that he could not rule the kingdom alone. He prayed about it and the answer came to him.

Alan went to the royal jeweler and asked him to create for him a beautiful ring. It was a gold ring inset with rubies and diamonds. When it was ready he went to the florist and ordered a big bouquet of flowers. He had also instructed the baker to make for him a picnic basket full of delicious things.

He rode to the forest with his two knights. He went to the cottage and knocked. May opened the door and was surprised to see him. It was not their usual day for meeting so she was not expecting him.

“Hallo. Can we talk? I need to speak to you!”

May asked him in. he entered and sat down on a chair. They made some small talk...

Then May said “am surprised that you have come to see me. Now that you’re the king I didn’t think you would have time for me anymore.”

Alan the prince said, “That’s what I have come to talk to you about. Now that I am King I don’t have time to visit you. I have loved talking to you and growing as a Christian.”

“May, I need to ask you something. I know I hurt you when I threw you in the dungeon. Can you ever really forgive me?”

May laughed and said, “I already forgave you. That is old news. I let it go! If that’s what you’re worried about don’t worry about it.”

“Thank God for that. Now I have another question. It’s a very important question and I would be very glad to get your answer. I know I was very arrogant and selfish when I asked you to be my mistress. I am now glad that you refused. I had been spoilt by my position and all the women around me. I now realize that’s not what I need,” said Alan.

“What I need is a wife. I have prayed about it. I need a woman who is beautiful, hardworking, and principled. A woman who is willing to die for her beliefs and values. A woman like you. May will you do me the honor of marrying me?” Andrew took the ring out of his pocket and gave it to May.

May was shocked but delighted. She had being praying for a Godly husband. She had fallen in love with the prince but knew he was above her class so there was no chance of them getting married.

May said, “Yes, I will marry you!”

Alan the King and May got married 3 months later. There was a big celebration and royalty from many far kingdoms came to wedding hoping to eat some of the famous May cheese and butter and carry some. The celebrations for the wedding lasted three days. The wedding was talked about for a very long time.

After that God blessed the King and Queen with 2 sons and 3 daughters whom they raised in a Godly fashion. They lived happily ever after. The favor of God was with them and they lived to a ripe old age. They would tell their grandchildren about their story. It was a favorite story of the grandchildren.

---THE END---

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Christian Fairytales 1- the princess and the frogs

There was in the magical kingdom of Ajabu a very beautiful princess. She was the most beautiful woman in the whole kingdom. The kingdom was a magical kingdom in which all creatures could walk on two feet and talk.

Many princes and other creatures came to court the princess. Now the princess was very naughty. She wasn’t a very good princess. She had heard that Dawgs were the most fun creatures to date and so she did. They had some great fun and she was the talk of the town. But these Dawgs broke her heart. They weren’t serious; they just wanted to have fun.

Eventually the princess wanted to marry but she couldn’t get a good groom. So she went to a witch who advised her to get her true love she needed to kiss a frog who would turn into a prince. So she kissed many frogs but none of them turned into a prince.

The Princess lifestyle took a toll on her. Because of her behavior she had turned into a troll, no longer beautiful and courted by everyone. She used to lock herself in her room and cry wishing she could turn back the clock and change everything.

One day her godmother came to see her and was shocked to see how she had changed. She cried to her godmother and asked her what she could do to become a princess again. Her godmother reached into her bag, removed a book, and gave it to the troll princess. It was a magical book called The Bible. "Read this every day and practice what it says. Then you will turn back into a princess!"

The princess started reading The Bible everyday. At first it was hard to practice the wisdom in the book but eventually she started feeling the effects of its magic. Then one day after about a year she looked at herself in the mirror (she had had all the mirrors in the palace destroyed earlier when she was a troll) and she was the beautiful princess again.

The Princes was so happy to be beautiful again she threw a big party to celebrate. She wanted to show people she had changed and tell them about the magical book. At the party she met a wonderful prince who had read the book and practiced its magic. After a year of dating the princess got married and then had a wonderful life.

---THE END!--

Monday, August 1, 2011

Because life is beautiful!!

I want to be happy,
Have joy that springs from within,
That gives me a smile no matter what the situation.
I want my heart to smile and giggle,
Dance vigorously and play kiddish games.
I want my heart to remember dark clouds don’t last, no way,
The sun is still there when it rains:
It will come out eventually and bring beautiful rainbows.
I fell down from the glass castle of love,
My heart broke!
But now my heart's healing,
Although my love muscles is in physiotherapy,
I’m starting to walk again,
On the road to love again.
Most important thing is to love myself,
Giving myself love to heal those wounds.
Rebuilding my life again,
Getting stronger, new directions.
Learning to give God all my life again,
One step, one decision, one day.
Learning to embrace God's unconditional love and grace.
Learning to live my life for him,
Know my life's purpose.
Am learning,
Allowing mind, heart, body, and soul to exhale, to just live.
Because life is beautiful!
I don’t want to miss all the great moments being sad.
I want to be glad, to enjoy life,
To be the best me I can be!