Friday, December 18, 2009

Baby Jesus

Innocent baby, lying in a manger, angels awatching, singing lullubies. The big shining twinkling star it provided light for the wisemen as they travelled to worship by his cradle, while little baby Jesus lay in hay as the animals looked down on him in adoration. Alas a plot was afoot to put out this new innocent light that was shinning. In darkness the family fleed into the night, seeking santuary. My sweet loving baby Jesus, from birth some they loved you and worshipped you as the messiah and king. Others they plotted your death, that blood shall be spilt and the cry of a mother would be heard through the night. Merry christmas baby Jesus thank you for shedding your blood that i may have life. Thank you for the light you shown in the darkness on christmas day. Merry christmas my Lord Jesus. Merry christmas one and all.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Gal stop trying to be a woman when your only a gal

Gal you strut around in your fancy clothes, your makeup, high heels and skin tight clothes. Gal stop trying to be a woman when you’re only a gal at 8 years old.

Gal your strutting your stuff, showing off those budding breasts and swinging your hips. Trying to make those boys notice you and tell you your pretty. Gal stop shortchanging yourself, losing your innocence to make the boys notice you. Gal stop trying to be a woman when you’re only a gal at 14 years old.

Gal your strutting your stuff, drinking with those men. Being the cool gal, the life of the party, being the hottest chick on the block, every man has your number on speed dial. Gal stop trying to be a woman when you’re only a gal at 18 years old.

Gal you’re strutting your stuff. Living in an expensive apartment, driving a top of the range car and eating at five star restaurants. You boast about your man whose am MP, who does everything for you but do you know he's just using you for sex. There are rumors he has HIV and you never use a condom. Gal stop trying to be a wife when you’re only a mistress.

Gal you’re strutting your stuff, wearing your short skirts and tight blouses that show off your breasts. You’re getting it on, on the dance floor, shaking it, trying to attract the attention of the guys so that you can get a one night stand. Woman stops trying to be a gal when you’re a woman at 45 years old.

Gal strut your stuff, be who you need to be. But gal respect yourself, love yourself and don’t try to be someone that God didn’t mean you to be. Don’t be a woman when your only a gal and don’t let yourself be dirt when your more precious then diamonds. Gal be what God meant you to be. A Diva. A Queen. A bride of the son.

Raylitpoems 09

Potent ash

Mixed year of blessing and cursing.
Of shattered heart and uncovered masks.
Of dreams that got set ablaze and then burnt to a crisp.
All that remained was ash, but potent ash,
Phoenix like reincarnation words emerged.
New dreams reformed,
Planted in fertile ground,
Grew gaining root,
Feeding on love, pain and sorrow.
As year turns a page potent ash feeds the dreams
From it shall emerge visions and plans victorious.
Potent ash shall scatter into the wind,
Fly into the storms and regain shape
In ink to write words across the page.

Raylitpoems 09.

Potentash blog name for

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Love virus

I don't wanna miss you,
I wanna be strong.
My body, heart and mind betray me,
Despite my best intentions.
Your a love virus,
Weakening my system.
You've given me a fever that I can’t get rid of.
My temperature rises just by thinking about you.
You make my knees weak,
My heart beats too fast.
You can’t treat a virus, it’s not curable
So I guess am stuck on you,
Making me weak,
Giving me fever
And causing me to get giddy.

raylitpoems 09

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Vuta pumz (in honour of World AIDS day.

He seduced me,
with flowers and perfume,
telling me that i was,
the most beautiful exotic flower in bloom.
He bought me chocolate,
said that i was his chocolate sweetie,
made me think that he could not breath without me
because i was his oxygen.
Told me that we should make love,
to prove that our love was for real.
I shed my innocence, showed my love.
He messed my health, gave me HIV.
Now years later, another cold chilly day.
A withered flower,
that is no longer fragrantly sweet,
lying in a deep freeze in the morgue,
leftovers of another valentine.

Raylitpoems 2005.