Monday, October 31, 2011

In love with a ghost!

Realization comes slow,
As I shift memories through a sieve,
Like a prospector shifts through mud to get nuggets of gold.
I was in love with a ghost!
Once I was in love with a real flesh and blood man
But slowly in my mind I built you up into a magical man,
Who could do no wrong!
Slowly you became less real,
More of fantasy and dream.
You were my dream man,
Slowly I erased your flaws until you were translucent,
Like a photo changed with a transparency level.
The dream of you became strong and the real you faded.
Maybe the fantasy kept me safe,
It numbed me from the stabbings aimed at my heart and mind.
Our relationship was a fantasy,
An opium of one love drugged mind.
My love was total,
Unyielding yet mindless like a programmed robot.
Through the haze of love I sleepwalked,
Dancing and romancing with a phantom of you, a ghost.
Now like a spell broken I wake,
Realizing that I loved a ghost.
It was never real this love,
It was just a haunted affair.
I was in love with a ghost, not the real man.
A man I created in my mind.

raylitpoems 2011.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mind gone walkabout!

Anybody seen a missing mind,
Hanging out on the beach.
My mind hasn’t returned from vacation.
It’s still sitting on the beach, sipping some ice cold water,
Watching beautiful sunsets and sunrises.
My mind is having fun,
Dancing the nights away.
My body’s come home but my mind had too much sun,
Got heatstroke now its gone walkabout in Mombasa.

Am sending an S0S,
If you have seen my mind wandering,
Playing on the beach like a naughty child,
Tell it to come home, playtimes over.
Hey, have you seen my mind having a ball on the beach,
While my body’s hard at work, looking to pay the bills,
For that vacation from which my mind stayed behind!
Shucks it sucks that my mind is still vacationing,
While my body’s hard at work.
Send me a text, tweet or FB message,
If you spot my mind being mannerless,
Taking off when its time to work.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

From dust to dust

Light a candle for the fallen comrade who fought a good fight but lost
the battle with death and is now six foot under. Sing a lamentation
for the soul thats gone heavenward too soon, leaving questions and
broken hearts. Write a poem in honour of achievements and successes.
Shed a tear or two or let it flood , let the pain out because death
hurts so deep, it breaks psychological barriers. Life is death, and
death is life. We are all warriors fighting a battle to stay alive, to
ride our horses faster then death's pale horse. But death has marked a
date and time in his diary, where you and he shall meet and only one
shall remain standing. So remember time is short and it waits for no
man. Plan for death as you plan for life, because what you do here has
repercussions for the next. Live a life worthy of the creator that
made you a masterpiece, with gifts and talents to light up the world
in colour. We are dust, from dust we came to dust we shall return.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mr. Moon holds a party!

Mr. Moon likes to have fun,
So he holds parties once a month,
When Mr. Sun has gone to bed.
Mr. Moon, when he is full,
Makes some cheesecake and shares it with his friends.
The sparkling stars come out to dance,
Now that it is pitch dark.
When Mr. Moon is full,
He lights the sky so that you can see,
The stars dance in the night sky.
The stars twinkle and dance,
Breaking into groups, called constellations.
Look at the dark sky,
With the full moon and dancing stars,
It’s a party, they like to dance and sing,
See them shake it,
Did you see the dancing comet make a move,
Light the night as he danced across the sky?
Quick, make a wish on a dancing star,
It may come true,
Now that the stars are in a great mood.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fear and courage

Fear makes me stand statue,
Like the game we used to play as children.
I can’t move, my feet they are feel as if they stuck in clay.
Fear is like a ghost,
It lays in the shadows waiting,
And it plots its evil mischief against its victims.
It works on the mind, slowly poisoning it,
Killing the spirit until it is extinguished.
Fear loves control,
Likes to make people cry and weep when they are broken.

Courage is my champion.
He rides to rescue me from the fortress,
Where fear keeps me imprisoned.
Courage brings with him Hope his mighty sword,
And Faith his might steed.
Together they are strong.
Courage carries in him something that makes fear tremble, love.
A love strong and sacrificial.
It burns bright in Courage,
It makes the darkness that is fear dissipate.

Courage and Fear fight,
For supremacy and dominion over my mind and life.
Blood pours, as light fights dark.
In the end courage gives it his all,
And fear is seriously wounded.
He runs off on his dark horse Despair,
To lick his wounds and get energy to fight another day.
My mind is free again,
I can move again towards my dreams,
Without Fear but with Courage by my side.


You are magic,
Because when you talk,
My brain magically forgets how you broke my heart
And my heart races, expecting miracles.
My brain is wise, knows you’re not good for me,
But my heart it’s addicted to you,
It’s like you’re a signal,
And my heart is the receiver,
My heart is turned to your channel.
I tried to stop dreaming impossible dreams,
But you override the logic in me,
Your persuasion, my passion,
My Achilles heel.
My brain knows that your magic is just an illusion
But my heart still believes in tooth fairies and Santa Claus.
So abracadabra,
Here we are again,
And the magic show plays on,
To an audience of one.

Hunny tales

I am Winnie the Poo,
You are my hunny.
I can't get you out of my mind,
Think about you constantly.
I want a taste of you,
The sweetness that I know will make me crave for more,
Taste you on my tongue.
The thoughts of you stay on my mind,
I wanna reach over and touch you.
I wish I could can some of your essence
And when I need some of you get a can from the pantry
And indulge to my satisfaction.
Because your my hunny and
Damn it if I ain't hungry.

Raylitpoems 2007

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mirror mirror on the wall

Mirror mirror on the wall,
Thou doesn't lie.
Thou shows my featurestrue, a reflection of my reality.
But thou art easily fooled,
By makeup and enhancements that turn me into another creature.
Thou at one dimensional,
Thou cant see beneath the superficial, the surface.
Thou cant show what lies beneath the skin,
What my emotions and intentions my heart hold
Or what thoughts my mind weaves and dreams.
Mirror thou art truth in a fashion but thou art not a seer.
Thou cant answer the truths I seek,
Questions that plague me.
Who am I?
Where am I going?
Which path should I take?
What is my destiny?
Where is my destination?
Mirror mirror thou art shallow,
And thou cant even tell me am the fairest of them all.
Mirror mirror on the wall,
I should smash you till you fall,
Because your as useless as a crystal ball.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Angelica and Delilah

Angelica and Delilah.

A woman with a split personality.
Angelica with a golden heart,
A kind spirit and a heart that is true.
Thoughts that are pure, worthy of an angel.
She is a woman of virtue, modesty dressed
and she keeps it spiritual,
her body is the temple of God.
She seeks heavenly things not worldly,
And she always has good intentions.

Delilah flirts,
Likes to play mind games
And oh she likes to tease.
Mind is dark, rebellious, wanting to break the rules.
She is brash, modesty is not in her rules.
She likes to entice with her dress, make others take a second look.
She knows Victoria secrets intimately,
Her taste in lingerie is enticing.
She is worldly!
Heaven for her is chocolate and a great book.

Angelica and Delilah are like the sun and the moon,
One hot and the other cold.
They are like two sides of one coin,
And what a coin,
One that changes with the mood because when the coin is tossed
It lands it falls as one face,
Either Angelica or Delilah.
Two different women,
but One body and soul.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

abstract art

In the art galley
it hanged
The painting
touching my soul
Reflecting my emotions
thots and feelings
not a famous painting
Not many stood infront of it.
People actually passed it
didn’t stand out
an abstract art
Not something you could immediately decipher
Needed keen eyes and spirit
Connecting logic to emotions
Lovers passes by,
Understood it,
Make sense,
meant something.

The painting,
Colours vibrant
Blues, Reds, oranges, browns, blacks and whites
Ran into each other to create a masterpiece
brown hot lava run down
White stream rising
a passage
down center
middle of the mountain
A small hollow
bottom of the crater
Where steam and lava emerged
There were shapes there
the shapes fit into each other
like a jigsaw puzzle
they melted into each other
caught in a embrace
from which emitted lava and steam
it was an expression
of their union
so the mountain pulsed
and throbbed
spitting out
hot matter
white steam
brown lava
shooting out of the mountain
while the cheeky clouds smiled
for they knew the secrets
of the exploding mountain
under the deep blue sky.

raylitpoems 2006

Hurray for my mechanic!

He knows how to fix this here car,
Make it ride at 120k/hr or
Faster depending on my fancy.
When the oil is low he knows how to make it fill up again,
And he knows how to make the tires inflate.
When I need a tune up,
He never disappoints, always there to answer my call.
He knows how to work this car,
Make the engine purr like a Subaru.
He knows when to brake or accelerate.
This mechanic understands my car needs hydraulics,
He knows how to make this car spring up and down
As he sorts out the problems.
My mechanic knows how my car likes to be treated,
Because he can diagnose the problem
And get me up and running smoothly.
This mechanic he loves my car,
Because when he’s done,
He likes to give it a wash,
He washes it down gently,
With soap, water and a lot of love.
Hurray for my mechanic!
He knows how to use his tools,
Whether it’s his hands, fingers or power tools.
My mechanic makes my car go vroom, vroom, vroom!
Hurray for my mechanic,
He knows how to treat this here car.

One of those crazy interludes after a disccussion long ago with Man Njoro - Kevin.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weathering the storms

Let the sun shine in your heart
And keep it warm,
Let it be filled with gladness.
Let the rain fall in your mind,
Drain out your negative emotions.
Let the wind blow in,
Take away the stinking attitude.
Let the snow in to cool hot tempers and attitudes.
Don't let the storms in you tear you apart
But let them charge you like a lightening bolt.
Control the weather inside of you,
It will help you manage the environment outside you.
Whether the storms break you
Or make you stronger thats your choice.
Don't let the Sun go down with you angry.
Let it go, let it flow out with the rainwater.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Let love not hate build our nation.

Let’s hold hands, as a sign of surrender and reconciliation.
Hatred had bubbled under the surface like a volcano about to erupt.
Loose talk, talk of us and them circulated.
Instead of dialogue and reaching out in love,
Blisters were left to fester and become wounds.
Wounds that became toxic.
In December 2007 the wound burst and pus spilled.
A sickness evaded the land.
Pangas and weapons were gathered,
Used to break bones, severe tissue.
Fire and pangas weapons of war.
Death and despair was born those days,
Faith, hope and love died that day.
Hatred overrun fear,
And difference in tribe was a stigma,
A mark to be blotted out.
Politicians made deals,
The world celebrated democracy and its works.
On the surface peace shows its width but hate has depth.
Let’s open the windows to the soul,
Let light shine into the darkness and air out the foul smell of tribalism.
Let's talk out openly, bring our issues to the table.
Let's stop smiling with our eyes while we sharpen pangas behind our back.
Let’s bring back love, real love not superficial.
Let’s stop the double talk with our "people@,
"While disguising our hate with sweet words to our enemies, "the others".
Let us let go of the sins contained in that massive boiling pot called history.
Let's genuinely forgive and forget.
Remove those daggers from our hands held behind our backs.
Let’s hold out both hands,
As a sign of surrender and reconciliation.
Let love not hate build our nation.