Thursday, August 19, 2010

stalker revisited.

I had a stalker once and he wrote me this message on fb even as he sent me friend requests. Now that I have a new stalker I thought I should share it again.

This is a reality, i may lack words, but i cannot come up with an explanations full of excuses not to express my special intuition to you. After a thorough soul searching, ur magic smile is inviting and i now submit my application for a space in your heart, failure to cast my net wider, to net your mutual consent or feelings would amount to doing injustice to myself. after realizing your entrenched interest. am a huge proponent of freedom of expression and that is why this should not be a surprise to you. However, my approach to the subject might not be in line with the principle that is valid, but all the same, sometimes in life, i as applicant cannot control consumers consent either way building mutual understanding with a priority given to a settled life, would be a memorable chapter that i pay for. Am former military officer and a doctor by profession practising and doubling as a businessman. Thank you for your understanding. You are fabulous. Where are you now if i may ask? Have set you free to call any time as you wish. looking forward to hearing from you. More details to follow. Much love from me sweet gal.

Yap it was funny.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You play?

You think you’re smooth,
And want to make a play for my heart.
Boy, you think your good but can you play?

I'm not looking for a boy who wants to play snakes and ladders with my heart.
That’s a game of chance,
You may win or lose no one knows.

This ain't a game of cha mama and cha baba.
We try to play house and if it succeeds well and good
But if not its goodbye.

Boy, you got to have a strategy on how to get me and keep me!
It's a game of chess where objective is to capture my heart
And always keep me on checkmate.

The rules?
The rules are God's rule.
You got to know your word because those are the only rules that apply.

So my question is,
Can you play?

Raylitpoems 2010.

Monday, August 16, 2010

lord of the rings.

From the beginning,

You were my precious.

I desired you like I'd desired no other.

I fought tooth and nail to keep you,

Wanting you all to myself.

My precious, I called you

And I enjoyed myself knowing you were mine.

After a time I started changing,

Changing my character to suit yours.

And all my dreams they vanished.

All I could think about was you and me,

You were my shining jewel, my blindspot.

Years later,

I had turned into someone I would never have recognised.

Losing you hurts like a burning arrow in the chest.

I can't believe I let you go but I had to.

Else I would have tumbled into the fires of Mordor with you.

The release has come at a cost!

An aching heart,

Lost years that I cant claim back, just like Frodo Baggins can't get back his finger.

Goodbye my precious.

I mourn you but I must move on with my life.

My precious.

Raylitpoems 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010


My tears,they pool in my eyes at the mention of your death. They balance on my cheeks as they stream down. Then there's a flood of lovedrops, teardrops that gush down my face.

I can't believe I will never see your beautiful smile again. Never joke with you. It makes me sad that your life was cut short in the prime of your life. I feel the pain that you will never see another sunrise or sunset. See the beautiful blue sky.

Its funny how we think we will live forever yet we die a little each moment that we live. There are so many that have gone before you and each broke my heart. Now my heart aches for the ones that death stole from us.

I pray that God will receive you with open arms. I pray tonight there will be a new angel watching over me in the heavens. You are gone but you will never be forgotten.

In memory of Agnes Gakii. You were a friend and colleague. I never will forget that beautiful smile.

Crystal heart

My heart has turned to ice,
Yet it throbs!
It's fragile like glass crystal,
and it just shattered.
The words I wrote in blood across my heart,
That "I will always love you,"
Dissolve in the wash of tears and shattered dreams.
My heart is still,
Trying to learn to beat on its own again,
Because for so long it beat for you.
I wonder will I survive this operation,
Of carving you out of my heart,
Will I survive a broken heart?