Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Glance my way oh romeo

Our glances, they dance
Flirting as they meet, like lovers anew
And then shyly they break apart.
Our smiles, they hold abit of promise.
A tease of something behind those lips
A promise of romance, of passion
Our bodies they move to an invisible beat.
Heartbeats drumming in anticipation.
Our feet they shuffle,
Taking a step further, moving closer,
Wanting more intimacy, to tango
One heart reaches out, another’s heart is given
As hands touch, souls meet and love booms
Not a word is spoken, yet the heart has chosen.
A glance, simple, so full of meaning.
A glimpse of romance.
Oh that I may share a glance with you
be swept away by the magic that lurks in your eyes.
I dream how it would be when we share a glance.
Oh, please glance my way.


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