Friday, October 22, 2010

Our first time

See youu across the room,
And those sexy full lips
As they bite
A piece of mango.
The way you do it so sensual.
The look of enjoyment,
It causes a reaction inside me.
Wouldn't I like to be,
Tasted like that?
The taste of me,
Exploding in your mouth.
To see that smile,
Quenching of thirst,
Make you feel,

You’re looking my way,
Caught staring.
You flash that knowing smile
Like you can read my mind
And you know what I want.
Your eyes twinkle in a mysterious way
And you wink.
Need to move,
Coz I don’t know what to say or do.

Cold air cools me down
Needed it,
Temperature gone too high.
What was I thinking in there?
Daydreaming, fantasizing?
You and me,
Get a grip my mind says.
Suddenly, I feel arms around me
Encircling me,
Am about to protest.
Then I smell that cologne,
One that always drives me crazy,
The smell of you plus perfumed scent
You whisper,
Nibble on my ear,
Hot, heat runs down,
It feels so good.
You lean down,
I watch fascinated,
As your full lips come down towards mine.
I must be dreaming,
Close eyes to check,
Then I feel your lips of mine.
You tease,
Brush against my lips,
Your tongue,
Asking permission,
Begging entrance.
Open up,
Feel full sensation,
As lips to lips touch
Your tongue darting in,
To find mine.
An erotic dance,
Then deeper and deeper it goes,
Oh the pleasure!
I feel like am in heaven,
Is it ecstasy?
Because I don’t want to let go
This feeling.
This kiss,
This magical pleasure,
Of our first time,
Our first kiss!

raylitpoems 2010.

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