Friday, November 5, 2010


There's been so many rainy days,
When the tears balanced in my eyes.
I wanted to cry a flood,
But I'm strong I dont cry.

So I'd go and buy food,
Drown out the misery and pain.
I would sweeten my life with sugar,
Try to take away the bitter aftertaste.
But I was ok because I didnt cry.
Am too strong for that.

So I hardened my heart with fats and sugars,
Gained pounds because I would not lay down the burdens,
I broke inside because I didnt want to break outside.
But the flood in the dam cant be controlled,
You can build a dam but one day drop by drop,
The dam breaks.

The flood it came and the tears I cried.
But you know what I discovered,
After the rain comes the rainbows.
Now I'm ok, but when time comes I will cry,
Because though the flood it breaks me,
The rainbow is a promise,
That things will be made right,
Things can start anew.
I tolerate the floods,
Because I celebrate my rainbows.

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