Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sugar high

Your sugar, you give me a sugar rush.
I feel a buzz and energized.
Your like weed you make me giggle, laugh and talk to myself.
Your like a current, you take the positive and negative in me and light me up.
You cause sparks to fly in me because your a fire
And i love you because you make me feel warm.
Your like sprite because you quench the thirst in me to be loved.
Yet sometimes your like a football, I want to kick you for taking me for grated.
Your iron too, because iron sharpens iron,
Yet your titanium because a man like you is rare.
Your like music you make me want to dance and sing.
Yet your like cake I wonder if I can have my cake and eat it too.
Your so many things yet your still one guy.
You make me laugh yet sometimes you make me want to cry.
But that's you.
Your complex yet simple.
I don't think I'll ever completely figure you out
But I love the journey.
Its trilling yet petrifying.
I love it!

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