Friday, June 18, 2010


I was handsome and powerful. I had a destiny set out for me from even before I was born. I was a hero, everybody adored me.

But she, she brought me to my knees. She was very beautiful, with a body that seduced with every step she took. I couldn't get my mind off her. I knew I should resist her but she was so tempting, so irresistible.

She was not of my class, social status and most important my tribe. But it didn’t matter to me. She made me feel like The Man. Made me feel like no woman had ever made me feel. Made me want to do anything for her. And I did.

I endured the scorn of my people and hers. In the end she was my undoing, I did not know she had an agenda.

I had a secret, a secret that only God, my family and I knew. She played me like a violin. I sang like a canary. Well, at first I lied but eventually I told her my secret. Then she destroyed me by selling my secret for silver.

They broke me and chained me. Now I stand half naked, a broken man, blinded by love and by man. They mock me, drink to my humiliation. But even now I am still a man, with a destiny to fulfill. I pray to the God I used to serve for a chance for redemption and revenge.

Baby, my seductress, my poison, my Achilles heel, you and your friends may have ruled me out but see now here you will all die at my hands. You may have delayed my destiny but what God promised he will fulfill.

So let’s give a loud encore for my final act, bringing down the house.

My temptress Delilah! She tore out my heart, left me weeping deep into the night. I broke her nation's heart when I returned the compliment. My life for your friends, family, leaders’ lives and of course yours.

The end. Love and tragedy. Lovers and gamblers.

The hero and the temptress.

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