Thursday, January 19, 2012


I want to fly on the wings of love,
Soar like an eagle above the winds.

I want my heart to be excited again,
To let the adrenaline of being in love make it pump fast.
But am scared,
To open up my healing heart to love.

I want to keep my heart in a box,
Keep it locked up tight, where
no one can reach out and grab it.

It’s like the hobbit with precious,
I want to hoard it;
I don’t want anybody to have it.
But since I don’t want to turn into a Gollum,
That hides in the dark to protect its precious,

I must let go.
Remove the heart from the strongbox where I have stored it,
Dust it up and wear it.
I think am ready to fly.
Or maybe walk.

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