Monday, January 16, 2012

Wishing on a star

Little star in the sky,
Shining all alone in the darkness,
Do you ever feel lonely?
When you’re the only one shining,
And there’s no one to shine with you,
To light those parts of you that are dark,
And you do the same.
I want to make a wish,
To find my soulmate.
Finally I am happy,
Put my sorrows behind me,
My heart is healing just fine,
Though sometimes I feel a twinge or two of pain,
That’s what happens with scars,
They heal but sometimes they ache.
I think I am finally ready to love,
But don’t want just any guy,
Not just another fish in the sea.
I want something special, someone special,
Who treasures my heart,
Encourages me to pursue my dreams,
Makes me laugh and smile,
A man who gets my somewhat crazy ways.
Little star in the sky,
I’m making a wish for me and you,
That we will find someone who will shine love into our darkness,
And we shall dance the night away,
Light the night with our smiles,
And laugh the sorrow of being alone away,
Not lonely anymore.

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