Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Love & snake skin

You’re stuck to me like glue,
I want to shed you like a snake sheds its skin,
But you cling to me.
It’s not physical but mental this hold you have on me.
I am trying to forget you,
I wish I could claim amnesia,
But your memories are sharp.
How do you do it?
Get under my skin again,
After I have worked hard to remove you from my hard disk,
I called you a love virus,
And it’s true,
You must be hiding where my antivirus can’t get you.
Immediately I delete one file about you,
And think you’re gone,
I blink and there you are again.
Haunting me.
I want,
Many things I want,
But what I want most I can’t get.
I am like a wanderer in the desert without water,
Dying of thirst that cant be quenched.
Will I ever breathe?
Get my groove back
Or will you forever haunt me,
The love I had for you stick to me like glue,
A coat that refuses to be shed.
Will I ever be free,
Or is this my doomed existence?

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