Friday, April 15, 2011

Love died on the battlefield.

We should talk.
Put down our weapons,
bring down our mental shields.
No one wants to take the blame for bringing us down.
It's a war of words, no one wants to back down.
We are on guard looking for weaknesses
In the others defense to strike.
You did this, I didnt do that.
Tired of all the mental fights in my head.
Playing chess with arguements so that I may move ahead.
It doesn't matter who won the fight
Because in the end we both lost.
Love died on the battlefield
Where we tried to settle our differences with weapons of words
That were sharper then any sword.
Limping off the battlefield I wonder,
Was the war over love worth it?
Did we break the peace only to lose something precious
That now is dead and cant be rescusitated.
Love died on the battlefield.

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