Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Seductive rhythm

When my body meets the night they dance.
There's something seductive about the disco lights,
They free my inhibitions.
I run to meet my lover, the dance floor.
My body starts to shake, moving to the rhythm.
My curves kiss the music not wanting to let go,
Because this kiss is deep making my toes curl,
And my body trembles.
The music seduces me with its sweet taste,
Leaves me begging for more.
The night runs swift like a Kenyan runner,
Am left wanting more,
Aching to dance some more.
Shake those hips, move those legs and swing those arms.
I want more.
My body is being seduced by the dance floor.
I wanna get down till the break of dawn.
So let the night cover me with its cloak,
Hold me close,
Let my lover the dance floor make me high.
Let me dance!

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