Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fantasy Kiss!

When I kiss you,
May my essence be transfused with the kiss.
May my essence travel through your bloodstream and infect your blood.
I want to be a virus that infects you,
That cannot be cured.
Let my kisses and touch be the only thing,
That can heal your fever and calm your body down.
I want to brand you with my kisses,
Brand you that you are mine and mine only.
I want my kiss to intoxify you,
Make you high, get you addicted.
I want my kiss to be your alcohol,
Make you mellow, make your knees weak.
My kiss should be your chocolate, sweet,
So sweet you want more.
I want my kiss to make you burn hot like fire,
Yet in paradox make you cool down like cold water to a parched throat.
My kiss should be like a soothing balm,
Yet make you a warrior ready to go to war.
I want my kiss to be passionate,
Show you how much am digging you
And how much I love you.
I want my kiss to be complex,
Yet a simple thing that does one thing,
Make you wish to make me yours.