Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I am forgiven.
Messed up, broke his heart,
Turned my back to him.
I was unfaithful,
Wanting more then what I had with him.
So I run off,
Spurned his love,
Looking for other loves,
And I fell into addiction,
Looking to have fun and enjoy myself.
But he loved me,
Never forgot me,
He forgave me.
When at last I reached the end of my rope,
And I was hurt and broken,
I came back in tears,
He did not hesitate,
He opened his arms for me,
And crying I run to them.
He loved me,
Even when I didn’t love him.
His love is so amazing,
What kind of a love is this,
That a man would love me so much,
He would lay his life down for me?
His love is so amazing,
And his forgiveness means everything.
Thank you Jesus for loving me,
And giving your life for me.


  1. Until the end of this poem, I actually though this poem was about me. Hehe.... Nice work

  2. What an ending, I thought that it was about Arthur too :-)

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