Wednesday, February 1, 2012


At times a situation can be like the weather,
Your basking in the sunlight,
But in the distance dark clouds are gathering,
Threatening to move in.
The glow of the sun is suddenly gone,
And it gets freezing cold.
Then it begins to rain,
And you cant find a shelter from the storm.

You curse yourself for your stupidity,
In not noticing what was going on.
Know that even when it rains,
There is a rainbow not too far away,
Waiting to come out and show its splendor,
When it does you know,
Everything will be alright.

For the sun is coming again,
To show its glow and radiance again.
It will warm your bones, remove the cold.
Things will get better,
The clouds are becoming silver again.
Remember in the storm,
The plants grow, bloom
And give forth beautiful colours.
Don’t despair in storm situations,
Because what you thought was an obstacle,
May lead to your success.
Hey, at times it doesn’t hurt,
To enjoy the rain,
For who knows what it will bring
But whatever happens know,
That out of it something grow
And you’re a better person for it.

Raylit 2001

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