Monday, March 26, 2012

Dear love nimekusare!

Hey love, over the years we have had our good and bad times.

We started out as strangers, became casual friends, then close friends, then best friends. It was like that for a long time. Then we had fights and arguments. Love you and I broke up our friendship, our relationship.

It hurt, It broke my heart and I got depressed but eventually my heart healed somewhat. But love you wanted us to try again, recapture what we had. It worked but didn't work.

I loved you love but in the time we were not speaking something broke. The cage where my heart was, where I had kept my heart as a treasure for you broke.

My heart like a bird in captivity tasted freedom and it flew into the sky, flying in the wind. It doesn't want to go back into its cage. My heart wants to be free. Love what we used to have is no longer enough for me.

That's why nimekusare, I am done with our relationship. Its time to move on. Love I love you but Love its not enough. I want more then you can give me. Maybe one day my heart will feel the way it used to but for now its goodbye.

Goodbye love.

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