Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Heart in shadows.

My heart is in shadows,
I brought it to the light,
To bask in your love,
But the disappointment was too bright,
And my heart got scorched,
So I retreated to the shadows.

Was I naive?
Why didn’t I listen to my head?
My mind knows how to steer away from danger,
But my heart is too soft and sweet,
Willing to give benefit of doubt!
So I got burnt again,
And my heart aches,
Wishing it could turn back the clock a few days.

My heart is strong,
This time I put sunscreen before leaving the shade.
Once bitten, twice shy,
I had learnt my lesson,
But it seems I thought I was invincible,
I wasn’t, am not,
So the burn still hurts,
Because maybe I didn’t apply a strong enough factor,
Or I trusted the sun that had scorched me before.

So I retreat to the shadows,
Nursing my scorched heart,
I will survive I know,
I have survived before.
I am strong,
You will not break me,
And one day I will emerge, victorious
From the shadows,
Into the light of a gentler, warmer sun.

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