Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Final warning letter - Mr. Politician

Hallo again Mr. Politician.

Its me again. I know you think I pick on you too much. Its nothing personal. I elected you to go to parliament to represent me. But guess what, three quarters of the time you dont attend, the half of the time that you do attend you are caught on camera sleeping and the other half you are either quiet or acting out with other members of parliament.

You know why I get mad? If I did what you do at my workplace I would get warnings then get fired. But not you, for you its business as usual. You can imagine how I your employer feel. I am your boss, you dont work, I cant fire you and then you act like your my boss.

I wish you could be employed by performance contract. You dont work you dont eat and you go home. I am praying for that day where you will be elected and work for me instead of yourself. Since man cannot live by prayer alone, I am talking to like minded employers like myself. We are tired of your shenanigans at the workplace.

This is your final warning letter. If you dont shape up we will sack you. Yours sincerely, your employer, the Citizen.


  1. Again! Timely and true. I also like the visual elements.

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