Friday, July 20, 2012

Butterfly wings

They look at me in concern,
They worry, you see,
I can see it in their faces, their expressions,
When they ask, “how is the search going?”
Yes, they are all concerned,
These people that love me,
About when I will get back on the wheel,
And look for a man,
To settle down with.

I am grieving,
Getting over a broken heart’s no joke,
But like a paradox of something sweet and sour,
My broken heart was a blessing in disguise,
It made me open my eyes,
And realize I have been letting my dreams pass me by,
So slowly like a bear wakes from its slumber,
I am slowly using the broken pieces of me,
To create something beautiful.

I am free,
To be me,
To do what I have always wanted.
I have finally stopped giving a damn,
Stopped wanting things that don’t make me happy,
Things that break me, that suffocate my dreams.
Its time for my dreams to breath,
For them to fly and soar.
Yes, I want that man,
But when I am ready,
Not now,
I am a larvae emerging from a cocoon,
Becoming the butterfly I was meant to be,
And right now there’s no space for anything else,
Except learning how to fly.

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