Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Love chains

I let you go,
Set myself free,
Yet why does it hurt so?
Why do I feel as if I am in chains?
Whipped by your omissions of truth,
Brought down to my knees,
By the fact you don’t need me anymore.
And all those sweet little nothings,
You used to tell me,
That used to be a balm for me,
Cannot heal these wounds inside me.
I feel hurt,
Broken even.
I am strong,
But you, you make me weak.
You were always my kryptonite,
You always penetrated through my superhero shell.
It hurts,
That’s I am still in chains,
That I am in a mental prison called love,
That I can’t seem to escape.
Just one sentence or paragraph, a picture even
Can make these strong walls I have built against you,
Come crashing to the ground.
You used to be my sugar,
But now you’re my poison,
And your poison runs through my bloodstream.
When will I ever break out of this prison,
Return my sanity,
Be able to let you go completely,
From my heart and mind?

Love is a paradox. It's a prison which holds a person's mind hostage yet its an idylic paradise that tempts one to stay. - Potentash

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