Monday, May 16, 2011

Mango sun

Mango sun,
Sun that signals hope.
That sunrise that hued in colour,
Represent the beauty of a new day.
Hopes that wake with the dawn,
New day, new script,
Or is it old script, new cast.
Reminds of the song same script, different cast.
Optimism, it’s like a bottle of perfume,
That is sprayed or dabbled,
Whichever catches your fancy?
Smells good, that optimizism,
Would you like a bottle?
It’s sold in ounces, limited only to today’s supply.
Tomorrow has its own scent, fresh, elusive and free.
Yesterday’s is faint, like what’s its name?
Can’t recall, smells a memory of another day.
I’m a mad hatter, you see?
Believing in rainbows, fairies, dragons and possibilities.
Let’s have a laugh,
Smile like a clown.
Let’s sing in the rain,
Do a two-step on the dance floor.
Let’s do a trick or two, amuse the audience we will.
Let’s eat ice-lollies, and some chocolate cake.
Let’s play or better yet let’s watch cartoons.
Let’s enjoy this glorious day.
Let’s laugh until our hearts burst in song.
Tomorrow morning shall soon be upon us,
Awake we shall and find it was all a dream!
It’s back to work,
And the yellow hot sun.

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