Friday, December 16, 2011


Like your winning a prize for the best project created.
You can be so much more if you let yourself.
Inside you are seeds of greatness.
You just have to believe in you,
Plant those seeds in the fertile soil of your imagination
Water those dreams with your sweat,
Pull out the weeds, the people who strangle your dream,
Feeding off you and giving you nothing back.
Let the Sunshine of encouragement,
From those who love you,
Those who want you to succeed fuel you.
You can be so great,
If you just believe in your dreams.
A seed contains a mighty tree,
But if it’s not planted,
It dies with all its potential.
Its time to grow,
Time to bloom,
Time to be the magnificent flower you were meant to be.
Believe in you,
Believe in your dreams,
Believe in he who created you to be all you can be.
Make God smile,
When you bloom into the wonderful person,
He created you to be,
With all the skills and talents he gave you.

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