Thursday, December 1, 2011

Listen (HIV/AIDS)

Be wise.
Use a rubber,
Don’t try to be a hero,
Otherwise you will be a zero,
Trying to prove yourself the man.

You like it skin to skin,
You say it tastes sweeter.
Be careful your choices don’t make you bitter,
When you get the test results.
Don’t go with his sweet lies,
That skin to skin is ok,
And you haven't both gone for the test together.
Protect your life and future.

No regrets.
My advice abstain,
But if you must have a taste,
Don’t go sampling each and every dish,
Stick to one, greed may make you sick.
Be careful though,
Know your status,
It’s great to know where you stand.
Be wise,
Don’t go swimming in dangerous waters,
You may drown in undercurrents,
Know your partner’s status.

HIV/AIDS isn’t a death sentence.
You can still achieve your dreams and goals.
If you have it, live positive,
Don’t focus on the negatives,
What’s done is done,
And life is still there to be lived.
Be strong and courageous,
Never give up!
Keep walking, keep dreaming, and keep moving.

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