Thursday, December 29, 2011

Similarities between voting for politicians in Kenya and being in a bad marriage.

You start out in bliss thinking this is the perfect person to take care of me and make sure my future is bright, maybe that's why they say ignorance is bliss.

1. They talk about all the things they will do to make your life great, but once they are in all they do is sleep, non performers. They always have headaches, etc excuses why they can’t do the job they promised to do.

2. They vow before God and man to put you first, but once they are in they become selfish, it’s all about fulfilling their needs.

3. The money they want to dissolve the contract is very expensive. They bleed you
dry when they divorce you and they want maintenance for life even though they didn’t contribute anything to your welfare (gold diggers).

4. The person who charmed and seduced you turns out to be a different person once the contract is signed. You end up wondering whether they have multiple personality.

5. You wake up one morning and wonder what the hell did I see in this person. But you signed a contract and you’re stuck in hell.

6. You hear rumors and stories about this person double dealing you but even when you have evidence it disappears or their buddy covers for them.

7. The decisions they make affect your long term future and your children's lives. They know how to mess up the future of your kids even before they are born with the decisions they make.

8. When they signed the contract to be your protector you were laughing but they make your life hell so you start drinking and blaming them for your drinking problem.

9. You start praying to God to smite them down so that you don’t have to take matters into your own hands and have them permanently removed from the planet.

10. They embarrass you so much in public you are ashamed to claim them as your own. You start giving excuses for their behavior.(we shall not name and shame but you know who they are)

Lesson. Vote wisely for your politician and be careful who you marry lest you end up like the person below

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  1. "Vote wisely for your politician and be careful who you marry" Indeed