Monday, June 18, 2012

Heroes Wanted.

Heroes wanted.
I was discouraged,
After all i am not a hero,
Sina super powers za kufight mavillians.

I am just a kawaida mwanachi hustling to make it,
Trying to save bobs so that one day I can be wealth off,
Lakini saa hii mi ni sufferer.
I haven’t done any big things,
I am just trying to survive.
Trying to make things meet,
Ata kama ends zilikatika,
So they never do.
I was walking away when i felt a tap on my shoulder,
God akaniask "where you going"
Nikamshow God mimi si hero,
MI hufeel ka zero,
nacha space ndio hao wazee wanaeza do Mission Impossible waingie Area.
God laughed,
and asked me about David, an ordinary jamaa,
Musee alikuwa anachunga sheep,
Lakini alikuwa ameannointiwa kuwa King.
Akanishow Disciples a bunch of wananchi ordinary sana,
Na all the Christians who spread the word of God.
He asked me,
Unataka kukuwa part of the change,
Ama unataka kuka ukizuba,
Wasee ka wewe wakichange city, country Na Africa.
All i need is a willing heart,
And for you to use what’s in your hand.
I am willing to use you if you’re willing to step up.
Well hi story sijui vile itaend,
Lakini mi destiny yangu iko kwa God,
So here's me a kawaida mwananchi,
Nikisign up for mission impossible.
I am going to change Nairobi, Kenya and Africa.
We je? God amekucall,
Decide kama uta accept missioni.

Any errors of sheng or Kiswahili are mine. I am Barbie like that Kiswahili writing is hard. Lakini God is calling us to change Africa. We can be heroes if we choose to take the challenge. Let’s use our gifts and talents and our market places to turn things around. Let’s have a vision for ourselves, our country and our continent. God bless Africa.

As Pastor M of Mavuno says in a quote from May Kay Ash "There are three types of people in this world: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder what happened.

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