Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Make my heart laugh

Don’t speak,
I don’t want to hear no lies,
About how you love or like me.
Been down that road before,
And I don’t believe them, those words,
So overused are they,
They are like bald tires,
They can no longer run on this road of mine.
If it’s true,
Show me,
I don’t want big gestures,
Like a bunch of flowers,

Straight down from Limuru or Naivasha.
I don’t want the token bar of chocolate,
Though there’s a disclaimer,
No thing makes me sweeter then chocolate.
Find out the things I like,
The things that make me tick,
The things that make me giddy with happiness,
Then do them times 5.
Don’t add to my sorrows,
I already had enough for two.
Remove my frowns,
And replace them with smiles.

Don’t try to figure me by a formula,
Passed down by the “geniuses” who know woman
Because I am unique,
I am not any other girl,
One part Bitch, two parts Angel,

I am me.
So tease me, and make me laugh,
Let my heart remember how it feels to be happy again
Let me smile when you make me crack up,
And I promise you tomorrow,
When I say I shall not,
Will not, absolutely will not fall in love with you,
I may be wrong.
Be good to me,
And this angel may show you her heart.

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