Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hurray for mothers's all over the world - Happy mother's day.

She has the best heart; her heart is open wide for her children. She's always there for her children and would give up everything for them, her love, money, possessions and even her life.

She is soft, her hugs are the best. She knows how to comfort when a child is hurting or just needs reassurance. Yet she can be hard, disciplining with a firm hand when children are out of line.

She is an angel when children are sick, nursing them back to health with her love, concern and a bit of medicine. She is her child's best friend being the first to believe in them and encourage them to achieve their dreams. She is their advocate defending them when they are in the wrong. She makes the best food; there is no better tasting food then hers.
She is an angel, an advocate, a nurse, a banker, a teacher, a chef, a doctor and a best friend. She is everything sweet and good.

She is a mother. My mother, my sister, my best friend. She is mum. And I wish her the best always. Pledge to love her till my dying day. I pray that God will give her a long life. I pray God's favor on her life and his blessings abounding in her life.

Thank God for mum.

Raylitpoems 2011.

This poem is a dedication to the First Lady - my mum standing left and to my sister who is also a great mother standing next to her.

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