Friday, May 4, 2012

My little gentleman

My little man,
When did you grow so big and strong?
Just the other day it seemed,
I held you in my arms, a tiny thing,
So helpless and weak.
I remember how I used to look at you,
And wonder at the little miracle you are.
You made me smile,
With your antics as you slowly began to get your independence,
As you learnt to crawl then walk.

One thing hasn’t changed my little man,
You still love food and lots of it.
It’s sad but exciting that as you grow,
You need us less and less,
Now you can read and write,
You can even tie your own shoe laces.

You are also such a gentleman,
Always willing to help even when help isn’t needed.
I pray that you will grow,
With the kind heart you have now,
That you will not change,
Don’t become a heartbreaker.
I hope you will make us proud,
My little man,
Let us keep looking at you with a smile.
In the meantime,
Keep growing and learning,
Keep being who you are,
My bright little star.

For my nephew Sean Mureithi Gachango

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