Wednesday, May 16, 2012

If love comes looking for me ...

If that’s love knocking at my door,
Please go tell him am not in.
If he is looking through the window,
Looking for me,
Tell me so that I may go hide.
If that’s love over there on the dance floor,
Looking damn good in his tuxedo,

And dancing the salsa like his Latino,
And he wants to dance,

Tell him I have two left feet so I can’t dance.
If it’s true that love can make me dizzy,
Make me feverish and hot,
And make me go crazy,
Tell him I have already been sick,
With malaria I don’t want another disease.
If love’s kiss can make me melt,
And make me go lightheaded,
Tell him I am good,
Chocolate can hit that spot.

If it’s true love knows how to romance,
How to seduce,
And turn naive girls into sexy sirens,

And he knows how to keep the fires burning,
Tell him I already got my fingers burnt, 3rd degree burns
So I am not looking for heat.
Anyway I already got a lover,
Disappointment is his name,
And he understands me,
Knows why I am not looking for another man.
So if you see love heading my way,
Looking for me,
Wanting to make me his girl,
Give me a heads up and I shall flee,
In the opposite direction,
Running like am being chased by bats out of hell.

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